Chinese New Year Leasing Promotion!

With the approaching Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day, if you’re contemplating leasing this festive season, look no more! Current Leasing is currently offering a special promotion featuring a diverse selection of cars, ranging from Japanese Domestic Models (JDMs) to luxurious continental vehicles.

A couple of reasons to lease a car during this festive period:

  • During the holiday season, the expense of hiring a taxi or private hire vehicle (PHV) may surge to $30-40, and in adverse weather conditions, it could even escalate to $50! 
  • Travelling from one house to another during Chinese New Year can be time-consuming when relying on public transportation. 
  • Even if you opt for a private hire car, the demand may be high while the supply remains low, making it uncertain whether you can secure a ride.

In the spirit of the holiday season, we’re currently offering a special 7-day leasing promotion with prices starting at $688, reaching up to $1088 per week! Whether you’re interested in engine cars or electric vehicles, and whether you prefer sedans, MPVs, or other models, our diverse range includes options like the Hyundai Avante, MG HS, Mercedes-Benz E400, and the luxurious Toyota Alphard.