Lease Now, Buy Later!

Don’t buy now, lease temporarily till COE falls.

With the most recent COE results, we have Category A soaring at $100,000 and every other category was not exempted by the increase as well. We understand how expensive it is to own a car of your own and on top of that, regular maintenance and servicing could rake up quite a bit as well. Why not lease with us and choose the best suitable car for your needs from our wide array of cars? From Japanese cars to continental and luxury cars, we have something for everyone! 

Be it a sports car for yourself or an SUV for families, we have it all at Current Leasing! We provide options for zero down payment, servicing & maintenance and comprehensive insurance for every car. 

Compared to leasing from Authorised Dealers, we lease out the same cars but at a much lower price to make sure it’s affordable for everyone. Moreover, we do short term lease as well so for those who love driving different cars but are held back from doing so due to the high cost of COE, this is perfect for you! 

Ownership Lower Monthly Costs
No Restrictions0 Down Payment
Total ControlWorry Free Maintenance

There is a car for everyone here at Current Leasing. If you prefer driving different cars every now and then, we offer short term leases too.  However, if you found the car of your dreams, we do lease-to-own as well! Take it as a long test drive; if you end up loving the car more than you initially thought you would, you are able to make the car yours!

We also have popular makes and models like:

Long term leases would also be perfect for individuals who relies on the convenience of having a car but are restricted from owning one due to the COE so long term leases would be amazing for those who needs a car, can’t afford one at the moment and needs one to tide through the high costs of COE for a while. 

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