Why Rent the Toyota Noah Hybrid Welcab for PHV

Choose to rent a private hire car with us at Current Leasing! We have a wide range of brand new and used cars in our fleet that are fuel efficient and well-maintained, ensuring every journey you take is driven with pleasure. 

We are also a proud Gojek Fleet Partner which gives our hires greater benefits and better rebates while driving as a PHV driver for Gojek. 

Some benefits includes: 

✓ Free Upgrade to Gojek Premium Tier

✓ Lower Gojek Service Fees

✓ Additional Fuel Rebates

✓ Exclusive Incentives

✓ Rent-free Days

✓ Completion Bonus

✓ Collision Damage Waiver

✓ Free Replacement Car

One of the amazing cars to choose from would be the Toyota Noah 1.8X Hybrid Welcab.

Choosing the Toyota Noah 1.8X Hybrid Welcab for private hire rental could bring in several types of passengers:

  • 7-Seater Bookings
  • Wheelchair-Bound Passengers 
  • Passengers with Pets 
  • Passengers with Large Luggage/Cargo

The Toyota Noah Hybrid Welcab is a versatile and innovative MPV that seamlessly combines the benefits of hybrid technology with enhanced accessibility features. Designed with comfort and inclusivity in mind, this vehicle offers spacious interiors and flexible seating arrangements to accommodate various passenger and cargo needs. 

The hybrid drivetrain ensures impressive fuel efficiency and reduced emissions, making it an eco-friendly choice for families and individuals alike. What sets the Noah Hybrid Welcab apart is its “Welcab” (wheelchair cabin) modification, allowing for easy access and exit for individuals with mobility challenges. With its thoughtful design, efficient performance, and inclusive features, the Toyota Noah Hybrid Welcab redefines convenience and sustainability in modern transportation.

To assist wheelchair passengers, the Noah Welcab has a gentle ramp angle (9.5°) and a manual ramp with a forward-tip function. It features a new mechanism that simplifies the entire process from boarding to securing the chair, greatly improving accessibility. It even has a rear wheel air suspension system to lower the vehicle’s height, making it easier to enter and exit the car. 

Driving an MPV also means that drivers can opt for GoCar (4 passengers), GoCar XL (6 passengers), GoCar Kids (3 Adults + 1 Kid ages 4-7) or GoCar XL Kids (5 Adults + 1 Kid ages 4-7). The spacious seats could have a Safety Seat for Kids and still have enough seats for the adult passengers. When the Wheelchair Cabin is not in use, it can be replaced by a Pet Car Seat as well! Rather than having passengers carrying their pets in their lap, it removes the hassle of having to clean up the furs off of the seats after every trip and their owners could sit comfortably in peace as well.

To find out more on the Noah Hybrid 1.8 X Welcab, here’s a short video demonstrating how you can use the different features

At Current Leasing, we have both the Noah Hybrid 1.8 X and Noah Hybrid 1.8 X Welcab models available for PHV rental. So feel free to head on down to our showroom or contact our customer relationship manager today to find out more about the 2 different models and which car suits your preference/needs most! 

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